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We Are

Empowering minorities and underserved communities by exposing them to the world of agriculture and inspiring the creation of impactful opportunities for personal & professional growth.


Our vision is to implement a multitude of agriculture programs into inner cities and create products and services that promote healthy living, personal & professional growth, and financial stability.

The Founder

Courtney Brown
Founder/Executive Director

I’ve always been compelled to have empathy for others and make a real difference in this world, sounds cliche but it’s true. Whether it was walking on faith by listening to my passion for making sure everyone feels heard and valued or by simply exploring history and sharing the significance it has for understanding our future, my core foundation has always been to fulfill my purpose of helping others in some way.

The foundation upon which I’ve built my life ultimately led me to obtain a B.S. degree of Agriculture Science with a minor in Communications Arts from Austin Peay State University and a M.S. degree of Agricultural Communications from Oklahoma State University. After obtaining my degrees, my career has been filled with working in the field of agricultural communications by helping limited resource farmers but I wanted to do more. This is how AGSPOSURE was born

AGSPOSURE Incorporated is a culmination of my life’s work, addressing underserved and minority community issues through a distinctly sentimental lens of agricultural community engagement activities and storytelling. Many of my inspirations can be traced back to my upbringing in Tennessee, where my family had deep roots in agriculture and supporting our local communities through big and small gestures.

New or old, I believe that all stories are powerful and deserve to be told. I make everything we do personal because it allows me to infuse the essence and creativity of the individuals involved in each project our organization takes on. That’s how we create true impact.

I’ve always sought to express myself through bold, unapologetic love for humanity and I hope that this organization inspires a sense of empowerment in a new, more satisfying way. Most of all, I hope that my work compels people to take control of the power they have to improve their communities and look more closely, into the world of agriculture and discover stories of perseverance, dedication, love, and strength in keeping our world clothed, fed and so much more.